Leap from Technical to Marketing to the Right Conclusion

Do your customers jump to the right conclusions when they read about your "GREEN" product?

While consumers demand AUTHENTICITY, regulators demand TRUTH... are you prepared?

  • Do you mean what you say?
  • Do you say what you mean?
  • Can you prove it - in the right place?
  • Do you know where the right place is?

“Green” marketing regulations do exist. Did you know that it can be simple and easy to follow these regulations?  They're also easy to dismiss. 

That's what Lab To Ad is all about - making sure your customers jump to the right conclusion about your product's technical capabilities based on what your company advertises and markets. 

Our site is a clearinghouse for information on the Federal Trade Commission's truth in advertising as they apply to environmental marketing.  We've collected it up, analyzed it, asked questions about it, analyzed it some more and sifted out the highlights.

This information is eye-opening for many. Still others think it's a whole lotta hocum. Regardless, we think the site is worth the read.  We want you to leave having learned at least one new thing about environmental marketing and the technical connection to it. Unless you'd just like to remain ignorant, since it is a blissful place to be.

If you'd like to do something more, analyze or change your current situation, or just plain aren't sure which direction to head, contact us.  We can help you get a better grip on making sure that your clients jump to the right conclusion!